About Cookies


What are and what they
The websites make use of techniques to increase the ease of use and have interesting sights for the visitors. The most widely used technique involves the use of cookies. Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties (such as advertisers) that communicate through the Web site you visit.
A cookie is a small file stored on your computer by websites while browsing, useful to save your preferences and improve the performance of Web sites. This will optimize the browsing experience for the user. Cookies are text strings, small size, sent from the server to the client (usually the browser) and then sent back by the client to the server when the client logs on to the same portion of the site.

Use of cookies by the site www.tecnoitalia.org
Session cookies are used to keep the session active after login.

There are various types of cookies:

1- First parts cookies
These cookies are set by the websites themselves which can only be read by those sites. They are commonly used to store information such as preferences, for use in subsequent accesses.

2- Third part cookies
These cookies are set from domains other than that indicated in the address bar of the browser, or by organizations that do not match the Web site owners.
A notable example is the presence of "social plugin" for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

3- Session cookies
Session cookies are stored temporarily in the computer's memory to keep the session active. Session cookies are deleted when the user closes the Web browser.

4- Persistent cookies or tracers
Persistent cookies save a file on the computer for a long period of time by allowing websites to remember information and settings for subsequent visits by making exploration more practical and fast, because you no longer have to log on. These types of cookies have an expiration date. The expiration date, the cookie is automatically deleted when you first access the Web site that created it. Persistent cookies enable Web sites to remember information and settings for subsequent visits of users, making browsing more convenient and quick.

5- Flash cookies
Flash cookies are files that can be stored on your computer by Web sites that use Adobe Flash (for example to display the video site YouTube).
The basic idea of ​​the Flash cookie is analogous to that of the cookies described previously. The implementation and technology are different. Flash cookies are stored in your device until we proceed to eliminate them. They also can not be blocked or managed in the browser, because it is stored in another location.
In the Settings Manager on the Adobe website you can view the list and manage Flash cookies on their navigation device.

Deactivation/activation or deleting cookies
Cookies can be restricted or blocked by your browser settings.
If you prefer that Web sites do not store cookies must set the browser to be notified before storing cookies. Alternatively you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or just those from third parties. You can delete all the cookies already in the system. The settings must be changed separately in each browser on each computer.
In any browser settings are changed with a different procedure (use the help function of the browser).

Other cookies/cookie unexpected
Considering the operation of the Internet and Web sites, we are not always able to control the cookies that are stored by third parties through our website. If the website was detected a cookie of this type is not present in the list provided, you please let us know.


Because any changes to our website or to regulations pertaining to cookies, it is possible that these information are changed periodically. We are therefore authorized to change the content of the information and cookies on the list at any time and without notice. For any info contact us via the email address: tecnoitalia@tin.it.